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Our Science CD was awarded the 2010 Media of the Year Award for Educational Science Media by Creative Child Magazine's Award Program.

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WOW! Our Math CD was just awarded the 2011 Media of the Year Award!!!

Correlated to:
      National and State Standards

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Learning Workroom CDs are Fun, Educational, and Effective Programs that Help Kids Learn.

  • Quality, engaging software developed by highly-skilled, experienced educators
  • Grade 3 Math, Science, and English Language Arts
  • Grade 4 Math, Science, and English Language Arts
  • Grade 5 Math, Science, and English Language Arts
  • Grade 6 Math and English Language Arts
  • Grades 4 -8 Critical Thinking Skills Vocabulary
  • Used in schools, libraries, and homes
  • Easy to use, interactive, and fun
  • Engage kids and help them focus
  • Excite and empower students
  • Support state and national education standards
  • Purchased by parents, grandparents, caretakers, teachers, principals, etc.
  • Non-consumable products...no need to pay yearly fees charged by online programs
  • Appreciated by busy teachers who want 21st century technology that is correlated to their curriculum
  • Great products for home-schooling programs or for tutors to use with students
  • Highly visual programs, lots of pictures and animations....great for ESL students
  • Provides parents with an easy way to help their children achieve scholastic success
  • Great for "homework-helping parents" who need to brush-up on their math, ELA, or science skills (Parents can relearn vocabulary, knowledge, and skills as their children learn.)
  • Kids LOVE computers! Let them use a computer to learn.
  • Create a stimulating and positive environment that nurtures growth and learning
  • Free, fun, printable, companion worksheets (which can be downloaded from our site) reinforce vocabulary, concepts, and skills (for grades K-8), plus a blog of fun learning ideas      ______________________________________________



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